Viet Nam calls

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Viet Nam calls : Make calls to Viet Nam and save up to 90% on your phone bills

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Viet Nam calls
Manifone is giving cheap Viet Nam call from Europe and USA, to let people abroad stay connected with their friends and families. After the reunification of Vietnam, the country experienced a stagnation in economy. In 1986 the Sixth Party Congress brought economic reforms, which they call Doi Moi or renovation, and opened up the country for foreign investment. Vietnam then became one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Throughout the history, Vietnam's economy has been based on agriculture. The early Vietnamese learned much from the Chinese, including the construction of dikes and irrigation works. Vietnam is now the largest producer of cashew nuts, black pepper, and the second largest rice exporter in the world after Thailand. With the support of Vietnamese expatriates, the country is gaining some help in economic growth from abroad. If you too have family or friends in Vietnam, you can now make significant savings on Vietnam call while dialing abroad. Manifone has offered a wide range of western cheap phone calls to any destination in the world. A Viet Nam phone call can be as low as 5 cents per minute, if you start using Manifone's cheap western calls.
Poland: 3.0 cts India: 3.0 cts Bangladesh: 5.0 cts Jamaica: 8.5 cts Sri Lanka: 9.3 cts Pakistan: 10.0 cts Mauritius: 16.0 cts Nigeria: 10.8 cts Skype: 0 cts

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