United Arab Emirates cheap phone calls

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United Arab Emirates cheap phone calls
The UAE has an estimated population of 4.97 million people, according to previous year's counts. The largest percent of the population is urban, and inhabits the two largest emirates: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Abu Dhabi began to export oil in 1963, as first of the emirates to do so, which brought wealth and a demand for foreign workforce. Citizens with UAE origins constitute only about 20% of the population. The rest include foreign workers, mainly from South and Southeast Asia, with a significant number of expats from Europe and North Africa. The majority of people in the Emirates are Sunni Muslim with minor Shi'a groups. Many foreigners are Muslim too. Non-Islamic religions are mostly followed by expatriates or foreigners. People from different countries place United Arab Emirates cheap calls every day. International calls are the main way of staying in touch with our friends and relatives abroad. International United Arab Emirates calls used to be quite expensive, until VoIP solutions were introduced. Thanks to telecom innovations, a United Arab Emirates call can cost 90% less than traditional United Arab Emirates phone call rates. In addition to this, you can reach any destination in the world using Manifone's Western cheap phone calls.
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