Take advantage of cheap United Arab Emirates calls

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Take advantage of cheap United Arab Emirates calls : Calls to United Arab Emirates can be very cheap if you use a service like Manifone

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Take advantage of cheap United Arab Emirates calls
The Emirates give place to a large number of expatriates who receive United Arab Emirates phone call every day. Before the first oil exports began in 1962, the UAE's economy was centered around pearl production, fishing, herding and agriculture. In 1962, Abu Dhabi became the first of the seven emirates to export oil, which brought significant changes to the economy and society of the country. Nowadays, it's economy is based on the oil and gas sector, which produces more than 30% of the total GDP. However, the UAE has already started diversifying the economy to reduce its reliance on oil exports, by establishing successful business, construction and tourism sectors. The growing oil industry and a high standard of living have resulted in a large arrival of foreign workers. Workers and expatriates represent more than 75 percent of the population. Many of them have a family in their home country who use Manifone's United Arab Emirates cheap phone calls to dial UAE. Standard operator rates are very high for a United Arab Emirates call. Because of this, companies such as Manifone have developed solutions for international cheap calls. Whether you need to place an Iran call or India call, you can cut the costs with Manifone's low international rates.
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