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Your cheap Turkmenistan phone call
Turkmenistan is one of the Central Asian Turkic countries. Until 1991, it was a republic in the former Soviet Union. It borders Afghanistan's south-east, Iran to the south and southwest, the Caspian Sea to the west, Kazakhstan to the north and northwest and Uzbekistan to the east and northeast. Major part of the country is covered by Karakum Desert. The country owns the 5th largest calculated reserves of natural gas in the world. The capital city of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. Other major cities include Turkmenabat, Dashoguz, Mary, and Turkmenbashi (formerly known as Krasnovodsk). Covering an area of 488,100 km2,  Turkmenistan is the 52nd largest country in the world. If you have friends and relatives in Turkmenistan, there is a cheaper way to place your international Turkmenistan call. To reach your foreign destination, simply dial Manifone's numbers to lower the costs of Turkmenistan calls. Manifone offers cheap phone calls worldwide, and has discounted rates for Turkmenistan cheap calls. The country has expats abroad who often place Turkmenistan cheap phone calls to cut down their phone bills. With the help of Manifone you can benefit from Western cheap calls while dialing abroad.
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