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Make a Turkmenistan call at low rates
The land of Turkmenistan is mainly flat desert with some mountainous areas. Over 80% of the country is covered by the Karakum Desert. The dry soil is watered by the rivers Amu Darya, Artek, Murgab and Tejen. A system of canals, called Karakum Canal, was made to distribute the water. It is one of the longest canals in the world. The country's climate is continental desert with hot summers and cold winters. The Kopet Dag Range, at the southwestern border, the Great Balkhan Range in the western part of the country, and the Köýtendag Range at the southeastern border are the only significant elevations in Turkmenistan. The country has established nature reserves to protect it's landscapes in desert and mountain regions.  Emigrants from Turkmenistan usually place international Turkmenistan phone call to dial home. Manifone is providing cheap phone calls abroad for those who cannot afford to pay high international rates for a Turkmenistan phone call. They can make significant savings using an Manifone's Turkmenistan cheap calls to dial abroad. There are many services nowadays that offer Turkmenistan cheap phone calls and other cheap calls worldwide.
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