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Tunisia call
Manifone is giving Tunisia cheap phone calls for all those who call this historically rich country frequently. Tunisia has had a long and eventful history. Many major empires wanted the land for themselves, because of it's important strategic location. The first inhabitants of Tunisia are assumed to be Berber tribes. The Phoenicians invaded Tunisia around 10th century BC, and established the mighty capital of Carthage. After extensive wars against the Roman Empire and Hannibal's near victory over Rome, Carthage was finally conquered by Rome in 149 BC. In the 5th century the Roman Empire fell and Tunisia was invaded by European tribes and the Vandals, after which Romans reclaimed Tunisia once again in the 6th century, and developed a booming economy. Around the late 7th and early 8th century the region was conquered by Arab Muslims, who founded the first city of Islam in North Africa, Kairouan. Visit these historic monuments, and share your experience with Manifone's cheap western calls to Tunisia. Our rates for Tunisia cheap calls start from 25 cents. You can use your own mobile or landline phone to place low-cost Tunisia calls. All you need is a Manifone account, and you can place your first Tunisia phone call for free.
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