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Make a Togo phone call
The area of today's Togolese Republic was the home of various tribes who entered the region during the 11th to 16th century. The Ewes moved into the area which is now Togo from the Niger River valley, and the Mina and Guin potentially came from Ghana. For two hundred years after Portuguese traders landed in the 16th century, Togo and the surrounding regions were the center of the slave trade. From 1884 till 1905, the Germans slowly extended the German colony of Togoland. After German defeat, it was administered by the Britain and France. The British-ruled western part was later incorporated into what is now Ghana. France granted independence to Togo in 1960. Since then it experienced many riots, protests and violence, and is still facing difficult challenges of implementing democratic reforms and reviving the economy. Many people who left the country search for a better way to call back home. If you are in need of Togo cheap calls to phone your friends and family, Manifone has a solution for you. Togo calls are high if you don't use some alternatives for dialing. Manifone gives France cheap phone calls and other western cheap calls to dial Togo and save on your phone bills. To test our service, you can place your first Togo call for free.
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