Cheap Togo calls from Europe and USA

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Cheap Togo calls from Europe and USA : Let your friends and family reach you abroad with cheap Togo calls

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Cheap Togo calls from Europe and USA
Cheap Togo phone call can help your friends and family stay in touch with you while abroad. Although tourism facilities are limited outside the capital, Togo's natural beauty and history is worth a visit. Remind your friends and family to call you at low rates with Togo cheap calls provided by Manifone. It is always useful to gather some information before take-off. Aného was Togo's colonial capital until 1920, where you can see the Peter and Paul Church, the Protestant Church and the German Cemetery. Beaches around Lome are nice and sandy, with good hotels and tourist facilities. Lome itself is a mixture of the traditional and the modern. In Togoville, where the colonial treaty was signed, there are numerous voodoo shrines and the Roman Catholic Cathedral, built by the Germans. Togo's national parks are worth visiting: travelers can observe wildlife in the Fazao National Park outside Sokodé, the Kéran National Park near Kara and the Fosse aux Lions (Lions' Den) southwest of Dapaong. If you are visiting more than one African nation on your travels, Manifone has low rates for other countries too. Africa is cheap to dial if you use Manifone's Togo call, Senegal call, Burkina Faso call and other Africa calls.
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