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Enjoy a cheap Thailand phone call
Several American and European communities inhabit Thailand nowadays, and use Thailand cheap phone calls to stay in touch with their relatives. The region of today's Thailand has been inhabited at least since the Paleolithic period. Rice cultivation and bronze metallurgy have been practiced as early as in the 4000 BC. The first Thai kingdom rose around 13th century. Traditionally, this is considered the founding date of the Thai nation. European traders arrived in the 16th century, beginning with the Portuguese, followed by the French, Dutch and English. Thanks to it's capable rulers, Thailand was the only Southeast Asian nation that was never colonized, which Thai people are very proud of today. However, they did lose some parts of the land gradually, to the hands of French and British. As a developing country, Thailand went through decades of political instability, and a number of military coups, but it progressed towards stable democracy since the 1980s. More and more Americans and Europeans settle down in Thailand each day, searching for some cheap America phone call and European solutions for France cheap calls, Austria cheap phone calls, and other western cheap phone calls. These people usually use VoIP to place their cheap calls abroad.
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