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Make Thailand cheap phone calls
Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located at the center of Southeast Asia, bordered from north to east by Burma, Laos, Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Andaman Sea. The country is a kingdom, with most recorded reigns in the world. With 513,000 square kilometres, it is the 50th largest country in the world. The largest city is the capital Bangkok, which is also the country's center of political, commercial, industrial and cultural activities. Other larger cities are Nakhon Ratchasima and Chiang Mai. Thailand is considered to have a strategic location as the gateway to the Indochinese countries as it lies right at the center of mainland Southeast Asia. Many expatriates call Thailand their home. They usually connect with their friends and families through international Thailand calls. With advanced telecom solutions, cheap western calls like America cheap calls, France cheap calls etc. are available to people who often place long-distance Thailand phone call. Such services allow their users to call abroad frequently and cut down their phone bills. Some services like Manifone offer a free Thailand call to test the service before paying for it.
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