International Switzerland phone call

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International Switzerland phone call
Switzerland is located at the crossroads of many major European cultures which have strongly influenced it's language and culture. Ancestors of the inhabitants of this country today have different roots in the different cultures. Switzerland has four official languages which are unevenly spread: German, French, Italian and Romansh. They are mainly spoken in wide varieties of dialects. Most of the Swiss people speak more than one language. Switzerland is inhabited by approximately 7.78 million people. Foreigners make up about 22% of the population. The vast majority of foreign residents, around 86.5%, come from Europe. The largest group of foreigners are Italians, followed by Germans and people from former Yugoslavian countries. Manifone offers cheap phone calls to Switzerland from Italy, Germany and other European countries. People who have relatives abroad often rely on Switzerland cheap calls to dial Switzerland. This service works with any mobile or landline phone. You only need to open an account with Manifone, and place your first Switzerland call for free. If you like the service, you can try out other destinations too, with Manifone's low-cost Italy calls, Belgium calls or Germany calls.
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