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Make your Spain calls cheap
The Iberian Peninsula has been settled for millennia. Modern humans first arrived in Iberia about 32,000 years ago. the famous paintings in the Altamira cave in northern Iberia were created about 15,000 BCE. The two main historical peoples of the peninsula were the Iberians and the Celts. With the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthago, Carthaginians invaded Spain; after that, Romans ended up conquering the entire peninsula, laying the groundwork for Spain's present language, religion, and laws. Visigoths arrived in the fifth century AD, but were pushed north by the North African Moors in the eight century. The Christian Reconquest ended with the fall of Granada in 1492, and with the the marriage of the Catholic Monarchs, the basis for modern Spain was laid. Today the Kingdom of Spain is a member state of the European Union, the twelfth largest economy in the world with very high living standards, which attracts immigrants from many places. Expats who settle down in Spain usually use Spain cheap calls to dial abroad. Such cheap phone call services are offered by Manifone with low rates to all over the world, including Afghanistan cheap calls, Morocco call, Ivory coast cheap calls and other Africa calls.
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