Placing a Serbia call at discount rates

As low as 14 cts per minute!

Placing a Serbia call at discount rates : Manifone has very low rates for people who wish to call Serbia frequently

in less than 3 minutes.
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Placing a Serbia call at discount rates
Serbia is described to have an 'upper-middle income economy'. Since the fall of the 90's regime in 2000, the government has been working continuously to revive the economy, with more or less success. Unemployment and corruption remain high, which is slowing the process towards a healthy economic growth. The 2008 global financial crisis hit Serbia very hard, and showed the weakness in the country's economic structure. However, Serbia experienced a 26% rise in exports after following the adoption of a new economic model in 2010. Furthermore, it has been preparing for membership in the European Union. The country experienced a large growth in foreign investments in recent years. Because of the high unemployment rate, many educated people have left the country. They mainly use Serbia cheap calls to connect with their friends and family in Serbia. If you call Serbia frequently, we recommend you to use a service for cheaper Serbia calls. These services use advanced technologies that let you place a Serbia phone call at local rates of your country. Manifone's Western calls allow you to reach Serbia using Serbia cheap phone calls and other countries worldwide from your existing phone.
Poland: 3.0 cts India: 3.0 cts Bangladesh: 5.0 cts Jamaica: 8.5 cts Sri Lanka: 9.3 cts Pakistan: 10.0 cts Mauritius: 16.0 cts Nigeria: 10.8 cts Skype: 0 cts

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