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Senegal phone call
Senegal officially gained its independence from France in 1960. Senegal is known of its peaceful and democratic leadership, one of Africa's model democracies. It has a very stable economy despite the widespread poverty. About 58% of Senegal's population is rural. Agriculture drives the economy while fish, phosphates, peanuts, tourism, and services are the source of foreign exchange. Expatriate Senegalese who often call and send money home help the economy going. Senegal is a very popular destination for international calls. A few decades ago dialing long-distance was very expensive and only some people could afford it. Now, with the arrival of VoIP phones, it is much easier to place cheap phone calls to any foreign destination in the world. Manifone is giving you the opportunity to make Senegal cheap calls using your existing mobile or landline phone. Our innovative solution has already helped thousands to save up to 90% on their international phone bills. People choose Manifone for its efficiency and good voice quality. We don't ask you to change your dialing habits - you can use any phone and any operator. To test our service and place a free phone call, just open a free test account by clicking on the green button.
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