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Senegal cheap calls
Senegal is a country in western Africa. It is bordered by Atlantic ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east and Guinea, Guinea-Bissau to the south. The Gambia penetrates more than 320 kilometers into Senegal. The beautiful beach side calls for many tourists around the year, thanks to its 3000 hours of yearly sunshine and investment in tourism and hotels. The capital Dakar is a lively city with colorful markets, busy streets and urban culture, all mixed in one. Take a trip to Senegal and explore its natural beauty and vibrant cities. call your friends and family in Senegal at very low rates. All kinds of tourism is present in Senegal seaside resorts, cultural tourism, sport tourism, eco-tourism, historical museums, beautiful natural sites, six great game parks and reserves, diverse flora and fauna etc. You can enjoy the city life or relax at the seaside bungalows and share all this with your friends and family with Manifone's cheap calls to Senegal. Just click on the green button to register and you are ready to place your first Senegal phone call for free with your own mobile or landline phone. There is plenty to spend on a vacation, why not save on your phone bills instead?
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