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Cheap Senegal calls
The country is named after the Sénégal River, which borders it to the east and north. Archaeological findings throughout the area indicate that Senegal was inhabited in prehistoric times. Modern Senegal has always been occupied by various ethnic groups. French is the official language but is used regularly only by the literate minority. The main spoken languages are Wolof, Pulaar, Serer, Diola, Mandigo and Soninke. Senegal is also a very popular calling and traveling destination. If you too need to place phone calls to Senegal regularly, we suggest you to check our cheap calls to international destinations. Our rates to Senegal start from 17 cents per minute, which can mean savings as much as 90% on your international calls compared to traditional ways of dialing abroad. You don't have to change your dialing habits, you can use your existing phone and provider to place cheap phone calls to Senegal or any other destination in the world. All you need to do is click on the green button above, complete the registration, and you can place your first phone call for free with your free welcome credits. If you run out of credits, simply login to your Manifone account, buy credits and continue calling abroad at very low rates.
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