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Make a Russia phone call
Russia has a rich and diverse history and culture. There are over 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples in Russia, who have distinctive traditions of folk culture. Folk music had great influence on Russian classical and modern composers, and it still inspires popular folk bands. Folklore has it's important place, and many Russian fairy tales have been adapted for animation films. They are among the most beautiful animated tales. Russian architecture, music and literature have some of the greatest world-known artists, composers and writers. Russians have brought home many gold medals from both Summer and Winter Olympics. Main sports in modern Russia include athletics, gymnastics, figure skating, ice hockey, synchronized swimming and chess. Basketball and association football are also among the most popular sports nowadays. If you have friends or family in Russia, you can now call them cheap using Russia cheap calls provided by Manifone. With innovative telecommunications technology, Manifone offers affordable prices to reach Russia via cheap USA calls, France calls and other western cheap phone calls. You can place your first Russia call for free with your free welcome Manifone credits.
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