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Make a cheap Poland phone call
The territory of present-day Poland has been inhabited since the ancient times. Celts, Germanic tribes and Baltic folks were all present in the Polish lands, but only after the arriving of the Slavs began Poland's shaping into one unified nation. The first Polish state was established in 966 AD. In the 16th century, Poland was one of the most powerful European countries. However, it has been partitioned three times, and survived two World Wars. Located between Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union, it saw many battles and atrocities. During the war, around six million Poles were killed, and 2.5 million deported to Germany for forced labor. After postwar communist regime, Poland successfully revived it's economy and in 2004, joined the EU. Since then, many Poles settled in foreign countries, mainly UK, Germany and Ireland. They often search for cheap Poland calls to reach their relatives in Poland. Manifone's Poland cheap phone calls are available to dial from UK, Germany and other European countries at low rates. It helps expats save on their phone bills while making an international Poland call. With Manifone's cheap rates, people can place cheap phone calls such as Poland cheap calls and Andorra cheap phone calls more frequently.
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