Low-cost Niger phone call

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Low-cost Niger phone call
Significant evidences indicate that about 600,000 years ago, people lived in what has become a desolate northern Sahara in Niger. Between the 10th and 18th centuries, great West African empires prospered, including Kanem-Borno, Mali and Songhaï, who traded slaves, salt and gold. Niger became a crossroads of trans-Saharan trade route. The 19th century brought the first European explorers to Niger. In 1922, Niger became a French colony. After the formation of the Fifth French Republic in 1958, Niger became a self-governing country inside the French Community. After gaining full independence in 1960, the country's progression was hindered by political imbalance and five years of drought. Many people left the country during past decades to find jobs abroad. Families, displaced in various countries often rely on Niger cheap calls to connect with their home country. Several telecom companies, such as Manifone, offer Niger cheap phone calls which help people stay connected. Manifone has low long-distance rates for Niger call and other Africa phone call, cutting down the costs of international calls by up to 90%. If you need to dial Niger often, take advantage of Manifone's cheap Niger calls.
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