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Niger cheap phone calls
The Republic of Niger is a developing country, and one of the world's poorest nations. More than half of the Niger's population belongs to the Niger Hausa and the Zarma-Songhai. These two groups and the Gourmantche live and work in the cultivable, southern area of the country. The rest of the Nigeriens are cattle nomads or in part nomadic groups, such as the Fulani, Tuareg, Kanuri, Arabs, and Toubou, who live in northern areas. Niger has the highest infant deathrate in the world, but the highest birthrate too. Niger's culture was formed from four different cultural areas before the colonization: the Niger River valley, the northern periphery of Hausaland, the Lake Chad basin and Kaouar, and the Aïr Mountains and Saharan desert. Niger has a very colourful and vibrant culture. If you wish to dial Niger, consider using Manifone for your Niger cheap calls. Manifone offers cheap Africa calls, lowering the costs of your international Niger calls by up to 90%. Each Niger phone call can be made from your existing phone device, but it will cost you 90% less than a regular phone call to Niger. You can talk for longer and pay less if you are using one of Manifone's Africa cheap phone calls.
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