Morocco cheap phone calls

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Morocco cheap phone calls : Make cheap phone calls to Morocco with Manifone

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Morocco cheap phone calls
Morocco gained its independence in 1956, after 44 years of being divided between France and Spain. Under French protectorate, Moroccan natives were denied their basic human rights such as freedom of speech, the right of gathering and travel in their own country. In 1956 Morocco became independent as Kingdom of Morocco, and in the next two years they took control over certain number of Spanish ruled areas. The status of Western Sahara still remains unresolved. There are significant expat communities outside Morocco. The issue of making a cheap phone call abroad has been around in the past few decades. Since the emerging of VoIP, international phone calls became much cheaper thanks to innovative telecom companies such as Manifone. Manifone recognized the needs of their costumers and invented a simple solution for cheap calls, which doesn't require its users to change their dialing habits. The service works like this: when you register your free account, we ask you to give us the international phone number for Morocco you wish to call. In exchange we provide you with a unique Direct Number which you will use instead of the regular international number, whenever you wish to reach your destination. You can dial this number from your existing mobile or landline phone to make cheap Morocco calls.
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