Mauritania phone call

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Mauritania phone call : Give a phone call to your friends and family in Mauritania

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Mauritania phone call
The history of Mauritania calls back to the 3rd century. The area of Mauritania was a dry savanna area during the antiquity. From the 3rd to 7th centuries, continuous Arab-Berber migrations displaced the original inhabitants, who fled to the south or were being enslaved. In the Middle Ages Mauritania was the cradle of the Almoravid movement, which spread Islam throughout the region. From the 15th to the 19th century, Europeans began to show interest in Mauritania, and in 1815 French sovereignty was recognized over the Mauritanian coast. It was only later after year 1900 that France started the penetration deeper into the entire country. Mauritania gained it's independence from France in 1960. Thanks to it's late pacification, Mauritanian culture could survive to the modern times with little change. If you have friends or family in Mauritania you wish to call by phone, you can now take advantage of Manifone's cheap Mauritania calls to save on your international calls. With rates as low as 25 cents per minute, you can place Mauritania cheap calls easy and without additional hassle. Our costumers usually place France cheap phone calls to reach Mauritania. You don't need to pay fortunes just to make a Mauritania call with Manifone.
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