Cheap Mauritania calls

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Cheap Mauritania calls
There are many people who wish to place cheap western calls to Mauritania and other countries abroad. Manifone is the right answer to their problems. With 25 cents per minute on Mauritania call, the savings can be huge. Mauritania has a population of estimated 3,3 million. 40% of the population is mixed Moor/Black, 30% Moor and 30% Black. It is predominantly Islamic and Afro-Arab society. Nearly everyone calls themselves Sunni Muslims, with only 4,500 Catholics living in Mauritania. As Islam spread in Africa, various elements of indigenous religious systems became absorbed into and then altered into Islamic beliefs. Arabic is the most widespread and officially spoken language, followed by Pulaar, Soninke, Imraguen language, Wolof and French. Arabic and French are taught in schools. English and the Weldiya dialect are also gaining on popularity. There are universities for higher education, but many students choose to study abroad. If you are one of them, and wish to call your friends and family back home, we advise you to choose some Mauritania cheap calls service, such as Manifone. Expenses are high when studying abroad, and Mauritania cheap phone calls can be the first big step towards savings. Register with Manifone, and place your first Mauritania phone call for free.
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