Mali cheap phone calls

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Mali cheap phone calls : Place cheap phone calls to Mali and other countries in Africa

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Mali cheap phone calls
Mali cheap calls are popular among people who live, work and study abroad. International phone call is still the main way of reaching our friends and family in other countries. Despite it's political and social stability, Mali is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Mali's main industry is agriculture. It occupies 70% of labor force and provides 33% of all income. Mali's potential wealth lies in mining and the production of agricultural commodities, livestock, and fish. The most productive agricultural zone lies along the Niger River Delta and river banks. The river is also an important source of fish. Mining is still a growing industry in Mali. Gold accounts for 80% of mining activity, and there is a considerable amount of other mineral reserves not yet exploited. Tourism represents Mali's third largest income. In 1988, Mali started it's economic reform by signing agreements with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Some Malians travel abroad for better employment or higher education. They often make Mali phone call, and thanks to Manifone it is now possible to place Mali calls and other Africa calls cheap and easy. We even give free test credits with registration, to place the first Mali call for free.
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