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Mali cheap calls
Mali is often dialed from western countries, and many people call internationally using Manifone's Mali cheap phone calls. Mali is located in West Africa, southwest of Algeria. It spreads over an area of 1.24 million square kilometres, which extends from sandy Sahara to the tropical cultivated area of Niger and Senegal. It is the world's 24th largest country in size. More than 60% of Mali is desert or semi-desert. Mali is divided into three natural zones: the Sudanese, Sahelian, and Saharan zone. The land elevates from south to north, from flat savanna to high plateau and rugged hills. The Niger River Delta provides the inhabitants with food and water, agriculture and transportation. Mali's climate depends on the area: tropical and subtropical in the south, arid and semi-arid to the north. The country has poor rainfall in general, and draughts are a common problem for the nation. Calling African countries is often very expensive. Manifone is providing it's costumers with France cheap calls, USA cheap calls and other western cheap calls to reach their friends and family in Mali. Registration is free, and we give free test credits to every newly opened account, so you can place your Mali phone call for free.
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