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Cheap Mali calls
Manifone gives Mali cheap calls for a very low price. Nowadays, it is much easier and cheaper to place international cheap calls, due to the advancement of telecom technologies. Mali is one of the favoured destinations among many Africa cheap phone calls. Republic of Mali has a population of an estimated 14.5 million. More than half of the population is rural and around 8% nomadic. Due to the large desert area in the north, 90% of Malians live in the southern part of the country. Malians consist of a number of sub-Saharan ethnicities, who share similar historic, cultural, and religious traditions. The Mande group, which consists of Bambara, Soninke, Khassonke, and Malinke, constitute 50% of the country's population. They are followed by Fula, Voltaic, Songhai, and Tuareg and Moor. Mali's official language is French, but some 40 African languages are spoken throughout the country. Around 90% of Malians are Muslim, 5% Christian and other 5% adhere to indigenous or traditional animist beliefs. There is a considerable community who often make a Mali call, especially from France and USA. That is why Manifone offers very low rates for France calls and USA calls to Mali.
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