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Madagascar cheap calls
The island was uninhabited until Indonesian seafarers arrived. The migration accelerated in the 9th century, when the powerful Hindu-Sumatran empire of Srivijaya controlled much of the maritime trade in the Indian Ocean. British influence was very strong for several decades, until in 1890 they handed Madagascar over to the French in exchange for Zanzibar. The French suppressed the Malagasy language, but they also developed the country's roads, schools and economy. After violent protest Madagascar gained its independence in 1960. If you have friends and family in Madagascar, you probably know, that traditional ways of phone call abroad are very expensive. People who have relatives abroad usually often place international phone calls. Some of them already discovered the advantages of VoIP and modern technology in telephony. If you are looking for a cheaper way to connect with your relatives abroad, you are more than welcomed among the satisfied costumers who already use Manifone's cheap phone calls service. We offer good quality Madagascar calls at very low rates, a service you can use from your own mobile or landline phone, and with your existing operator.
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