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Madagascar call at low rates
Traveling to Madagascar to see a truly unique ecosystem is most rewarding. It has a wonderful landscape too, with mountainous terrain gradually descending on the west side, and steep drop on the east side. The best time to travel in most areas is April and October/November. The east part of the island is home to small areas of tropical rainforest that once covered the entire island. More to the west, in the rain shadow of the central highlands, there are tropical dry forests, thorn forests, deserts and xeric shrublands. Hotels and popular tourist attractions are often full and more pricey during the European holiday period from July to August, Christmas and Easter. Visit Madagascar's great national parks, and share the experience with your friends and family using Manifone's cheap phone calls service. Your friends and family can reach you in Madagascar for as low as 24.1 cents per minute. There are no additional fees, like connection or setup fee. You only need to complete a few simple steps to start making cheap Madagascar calls. Hit the green button to register, and place your first Madagascar phone call for free with your welcome credits we'll give you for registering with us.
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