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Make a cheap Lebanon call
International Lebanon calls have always been expensive. Manifone has found the solution to reduce your phone bills with Lebanon cheap phone calls. Because of the growing need for cheap phone calls, Manifone has extended it's list of countries where the service is available. Lebanon is located in Western Asia, bordered by Syria to the north and east, Israel to the south, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Most of Lebanon's area is mountainous terrain, except for the narrow coastline and the Beqaa Valley. The country has four distinct zones from west to east: the coastal plain, the Mount Lebanon Range, the Bekaa Valley and the Anti Lebanon range on the border with Syria. Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate. Its summers are hot and dry. Winters can be mild and wet with snow in the mountains. The Qadisha Valley is famous for it's cedars and a World Heritage site, one of Lebanon's areas of natural beauty. With Lebanon cheap calls you can reach Lebanon destinations at affordable rates. Manifone also gives discount rates for Algeria call and Senegal call. The registration is free, there are no obligations or hidden charges. With every new account we give free test credits for your first Lebanon phone call.
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