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Ivory Coats phone call
The diverse culture of the Côte d'Ivoire is explained by a multitude of ethnic groups, events and festivals, music and art. The Festival of Masks is held in November, and is one of the  country's biggest and most well known festivals. Villages compete with each other in dancing, while they also pay homage to the forest spirits which are expressed through the masks. In April there is the Fête du Dipri near Abidjan, when naked women and children sneak out of their huts at midnight, and perform rituals to cleanse the village of evil spells. As the chief appears before sunrise, all villagers go into trances which lasts until sunset of the next day. The great variety of masks play an important role in country's arts. They are considered sacred and very dangerous, and only certain and trained people can own them in their houses and wear them. People at Manifone have a passion for traditional arts and culture, so we decided to give cheap phone calls to Ivory Coast to people who call abroad frequently. We combined tradition with modern technology, so you can enjoy ridiculously cheap Ivory Coast calls using your own mobile or landline phone. Don't change your phone device and operator - choose Manifone and dial on the go.
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