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Ivory Coast cheap calls
Côte d'Ivoire is known to its diversity in languages and religions. An estimated 65 languages are spoken in the country. French is taught in schools and serves as the official language in the country. The most widely used indigenous language is the Dioula dialect of Bambara. Other languages that are commonly spoken are the Gur languages, the Senufo languages, the Kru languages, and the Kwa languages from which Baoulé and Anyin are mostly used. A considerable amount of French and other European expat population inhabits the country. Calls from France mobile to Ivory Coast are quite costly because of the high international mobile rates. Landline isn't much cheaper either. Still many people pay fortunes on their phone bills because many alternative ways that give cheap phone calls require them to connect to Internet, buy phone cards, or trouble with long prefixes. Manifone has made all this much easier for you: We give you unique numbers for each of your international contacts. These numbers are stored in your Manifone Phonebook, and you can save them in your mobile phone's contacts too. Each time you wish to place an Ivory Coast phone call, just grab your phone and dial the Manifone number assigned to that specific contact.
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