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Cheap Ivory Coast calls
The official language is French, although many of the local languages are widely used, including Baoulé, Dioula, Dan, Anyin and Cebaara Senufo. The main religions are Islam, Christianity (primarily Roman Catholic) and various indigenous religions. Côte d'Ivoire's capital, Yamoussoukro, is also home to the largest church building in the world, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro. People at Manifone like diversity in art and culture, and that's why we are offering Ivory Coast cheap calls to let you share the experience. Our service is simple to use, you don't need additional software or hardware, you don't need to buy cards or change your provider. To start saving on your international phone bills, just click the green button to register. You will be given a unique number for your specified contact, which you will need to call whenever you wish to get in touch. This number is shorter than your average foreign number in international format, and it can be dialed from any of your existing phones. We give free welcome credits to newly opened accounts, so you can place your first Ivory Coast phone call and test our service for free. There are no obligations, hidden costs or contracts to sign.
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