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Place a cheap Haiti phone call
Haiti is a country in the Caribbean. Haiti lies on the western third of the Hispaniola island, and shares the eastern border with the Dominican Republic. Port-au-Prince is the capital and the largest city. Other major cities include Cap Haitien and Gonaives. Haiti consists of rugged mountains with small coastal plains and river valleys, and a large central plateau to the east. It's indigenous name of Ayiti came from the topography of the country, meaning the land of the high mountains. Millions of Haitians live in foreign countries, mainly in North America. United States has around 1.2 million Haitians, Canada has 200,000 and the Dominican Republic around one million. Some 90,000 Haitians live in France, and 80,000 in Bahamas. Cheap Haiti calls can be made from France, USA and other countries, using services like Manifone. Manifone helps Haitians abroad to place Haiti cheap phone calls and stay in touch with their friends and family more frequently. Other countries are also available with Manifone's cheap calls: if you wish to dial Colombia, check out the rates of Colombia cheap calls, or place a low-budget Senegal call to Africa. People living abroad can talk with their family more often if they choose a solution that will help them save on their Haiti call.
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