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Haiti cheap calls
Large numbers of Haitians who emigrated during the past decades use Haiti cheap phone calls to stay in touch with their friends and family in Haiti. Many Haitians with higher education migrate to Canada and other countries. Education is highly valued in Haiti, but only few families can afford to send their children to secondary school. The 2010 earthquake had also affected schools around Port-au-Prince, and many stopped operating for several months. Remittances sent by Haitians abroad are an important source of covering the costs of education. The phone call they place from foreign countries helps them stay connected with their home land. Haiti calls used to be very expensive until the emerge of VoIP solutions. Today, there are many options to place a Haiti phone call that will cost much less than traditional international rates. Millions of Haitians migrated to countries like USA, Canada, France and neighboring Caribbean states. When they wish to place a Haiti call, they usually search for a cheaper solution to dial abroad. Manifone helps them place cheap phone calls to Haiti by giving a unique number to dial instead of the international number of their Haiti destination. This can be done from any mobile or landline phone, and there is no need to change the operator. Sometimes small steps can help you make significant savings on you international phone bills.
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