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Guinea cheap calls
Guinea is inhabited by 24 ethnic groups. The most populous groups are the Fulas or Fulani of the Futa djallon region, the Mandinka or Malinké in eastern Guinea, and the Soussou in western areas. Several other ethnic groups make up the remaining 15% of the population, like the Kpelle, Kissi, Zialo and Toma. Non-Africans are counted around 10,000, predominantly Lebanese, French, and other Europeans. The total population of Guinea is approximately 10.2 million. The official language is French, among the seven national languages which are widely spoken: Fula, Malinke, Susu, Kissi, Kpelle, and Toma. Interesting fact is that Guineans often use their feet for sign language, through dances or by sitting on the ground. Islam is the major religion, followed by Christianity and traditional animist beliefs. There are many Guineans who live abroad and place international Guinea calls to stay in touch with their family and culture. Services in Europe and US grant them opportunity to reach Guinea with Guinea cheap phone calls. Using VoIP based solutions, it is easier to place international cheap phone calls than ever before. In addition to your low-cost Guinea call, you can now place cheap Benin call and Senegal call.
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