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Ghana cheap phone calls
Archaeological evidence shows that the area of present-day Ghana has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Ancient kingdoms, such as the Akan, ruled over the region in Ghana before the colonial era. The earliest European contacts began with the Portuguese early in the 15th century. The British conquered Ghana in 1896, and name the region the Gold Coast. Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country to gain independence in 1957. After years of military rule, the newest and most persisting democratic experiment was set off in 1992, and since then Ghana is recognized as a leading African democracy. The country is often called as an island of peace among the most troubled regions in the world. Ghanaians living in Europe an USA often place Ghana cheap calls to talk with their relatives in Ghana. Cheap phone calls abroad are usually accessible from most Western countries. Cheap Ghana calls are also offered by Manifone. Manifone allows you to use your existing phone device and operator to place a Ghana call or other Africa call at the local rates of your country. If you wish to dial other countries too, simply use one of Manifone's low-cost Western calls.
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