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Gabon phone call
Explore Gabon and it's natural beauty, and take advantage of Manifone's cheap Gabon calls from western countries. Gabon generally has an equatorial climate, with abundant rainfall, 2,540 mm annually. There are dense tropical rain forests nearly everywhere, covering the 85% of the country. The country is divided into three distinct regions: the coastal plains, the mountains in the centre, and the savanna in the east. Gabon has very few roads and most are not hard-surfaced. A stunning 10% of it's total area is closed for national parks, preserving the massive rainforests from loggers and miners. However, deforestation and extractive industries still threaten the natural beauty of the country. Gabon is growing out to be a great ecotourism destination. Gabon has also three karst areas where there are hundreds of caves located in the dolomite and limestone rocks., most of them unexplored. It is a heaven for nature and wildlife fanatics. Let your friends and family call you in Gabon with Manifone's Gabon cheap phone calls. Our rates are as low as 30 cents per minute, whether you're placing France calls, USA phone call, or other western calls with Manifone. Our service works with any mobile or landline phone.
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