Make your long-distance Egypt calls as cheap as possible

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Make your long-distance Egypt calls as cheap as possible : Lower the costs of placing Egypt calls by dialing Manifone's innovative numbers

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Make your long-distance Egypt calls as cheap as possible
Arab Republic of Egypt is one of the most populous nations in Africa and the Middle East. An estimated 80 million people live in the country, mostly near the Nile river, the Nile Delta and near the Suez Canal, which give the only arable lands. Large areas of the Sahara Desert are rarely inhabited. Half the population of Egypt lives in urban areas of Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities along the Nile delta. Ethnic Egyptians make up 95% of the total population in Egypt, where minorities are the Nubians, Berber, Bedouins, Arabs, Turks and Greeks, in addition to small tribal groups, called Bejas and Doms. It is estimated that 2.7 million Egyptians live and work abroad. Egypt also hosts a large number of refugees. Expats often use Egypt cheap phone calls to stay in touch with Egypt via international calls. You can also reach your friends and relatives by making Egypt cheap calls from Europe or North America. Manifone offers a service that is very simple to use: register on the website and dial the unique Manifone number to place a low-cost international Egypt call. If you wish to reach other foreign destinations, you can always refer to one of our Africa cheap calls or Western cheap calls.
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