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Congo cheap phone calls
Congo had been inhabited since the early second millennium BC, supposedly by indigenous Pygmies. Over the centuries, Bantu-speakers gradually displaced the original Pygmy inhabitants, and brought agriculture, fishing, iron-working and the Bantu language to the riverbanks of Congo. Gradually, the Kingdom of Luba emerged, and developed iron and copper technology, and ivory trade. By the 16th century, the kingdom had an established strong central government based on chieftainship. European exploration and administration took place from the 1870s until the 1920s by Belgian colonists. It was first under the government of King Leopold II, who's colonists brutalized the locals, but on international pressure it was transferred to Belgian parliament, and economic and social progress was made. The nation became independent in 1960 under the name République du Congo. Many Europeans fled the country afterwards. Friends and families abroad often use Congo cheap calls to stay in touch regularly. Congo calls are not as expensive as they used to be, thanks to the VoIP technologies. If you wish to call Congo, Manifone can offer you cheap Congo call, and other Africa cheap calls. You can reach Congo using western cheap phone calls provided by Manifone.
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