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Cheap Congo calls
DR Congo is an ethnically diverse country. As many as 250 ethnic groups speaking some 700 local languages and dialects inhabit the Congo. The most numerous people are the Kongo, Luba, and Mongo. About 600,000 Pygmies are the aboriginal people of the DR Congo. The linguistic barriers are bridged both by the use of French and the native languages Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili, and Lingala. During colonial times, the four national languages were taught in primary school, which was quite rarely the case among other African colonies. French is the nation's official language, and more than 24 million Congolese speak it. The nation's major religion is Christianity, followed by about 96% of the population. Islam in DR Congo accounts for 1.5% of the population. Animism is followed by mere 0.7%. After gaining independence, many Europeans fled the country. Manifone is offering Congo cheap phone calls and other Africa cheap phone calls for friends and families who use international western phone call to stay connected. People in need can take advantage of Manifone's Congo cheap calls to have a quality and cheap service. International calls are accessible from your own phone, using western cheap calls to reach any destination in the world.
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