Cheap calls to Morocco and other Maghreb countries

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Cheap calls to Morocco and other Maghreb countries : People who often call Morocco, Algeria, Spain or France from foreign countries, can take great advantage of Manifone's cheap calling service. Cheap calls to Morocco are a great way of saving on your phone bills.

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Cheap calls to Morocco and other Maghreb countries
The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in the North Africa's Maghreb region, in addition to Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya. Morocco has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A large area of Morocco is mountainous. The central and southern part is dominated by the Atlas, while the Rif Mountains stretch over the northern part of the country. The south-east region is covered by the Sahara Desert, which is sparsely populated. Most of the Morocco's population lives west of the Atlas Mountains. There is a European expatriate population of 100,000 in Morocco, mainly French and Spanish nationals. Most of them live in Casablanca, the country's economic centre. Before the independence, there was around half a million Europeans in Morocco. The largest numbers of Moroccans outside Morocco are in France and Spain. The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Israel and the United States are also home to significant numbers of Moroccan expatriates. To call Morocco at low international rates, they simply dial Manifone's Direct Numbers. People who often place international calls to Morocco, or calls to Israel, Spain phone call and calls to France, can take great advantage of Manifone's service for cheap phone calls abroad.
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