Chad cheap phone calls

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Chad cheap phone calls
Chad's population is estimated at over 11 million people. More than 200 ethnic groups inhabit the country. Islam is generally practised in the north and centre, while those in south are mostly Christians and animists. The country's official business languages are French and Arabic. Chadians speak 100 different languages and dialects. 25% of population is urban and 75% is rural. The population is unevenly distributed. Around half of the population lives in the smaller southern part of Chad. More than 250,000 refugees of the Sudanese conflict in Darfur reside near the east border. 50,000 refugees from Central African Republic settled in south Chad, and around 200,000 people are internally displaced in eastern Chad. Displaced family members often place a Chad call to stay in touch. Chad cheap calls are still the main ways of connecting people abroad. That is why Manifone has found a solution to cut down your international phone bills with low-cost Chad phone call and other Africa cheap phone calls. With Manifone, you can dial foreign destinations for a price of a local phone call of your country. You only need to register a Manifone account to start placing Chad calls at low international rates.
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