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Cheap Cape Verde phone call
The Republic of Cape Verde is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean, some 500 kilometers off the west coast of Africa. It consist of 10 islands, covering more than 4,000 square kilometres. All islands except Santa Luzia are inhabited. The largest island is Santiago with 991 square kilometres. The capital of Cape Verde, Praia is located on the island of Santiago. The largest cities are Praia, Mindelo, and Santa Maria. The country has an estimated population of about 500,000. The country is a very stable democracy, and a steady economic growth. Difficult economic times in the last tens of its settlement and in the beginning of Cape Verde's independence made many to migrate to Europe, America and other African countries. Manifone is giving Cape Verde cheap phone calls for all who wish to reach the islands by phone.The service works with every phone device and operator, and available from a list of countries. Cape Verde cheap calls can save you time and money, with just a minor effort. When you register, you get free bonus credits to place your first Cape Verde call for free. Manifone has low rates to other destinations too, like Cameroon cheap calls, Ivory Coast cheap calls and other Africa calls at affordable prices.
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