Cape Verde cheap phone calls

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Cape Verde cheap phone calls : Expatriates can now place cheap phone calls to reach their families in Cape Verde

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Cape Verde cheap phone calls
There are more Cape Verdeans living abroad than in Cape Verde itself. Only in United States some 500,000 Cape Verdeans and their descendants inhabit mostly the New England coast who make Cape Verde calls every day. Significant numbers found home in various countries of Europe and Africa. The money that they send home helps stabilize the fragile economy. Many of them rely on Manifone's service which gives them Cape Verde cheap calls from the US and European countries. Manifone supports them with good-quality, stable and cheap solutions for reaching their families via Cape Verde phone call. Before the arrival of European colonists, the Islands were uninhabited. After Portuguese settlers arrived, the islands became station for the transatlantic slave trade. With the decline in the slave trade, Cape Verde's early prosperity slowly vanished, later to become an important commercial centre during the 19th century. After Portugal changed Cape Verde's status to overseas province in 1951, Cape Verdeans and Guineans rose against Portuguese nationalism. Cape Verde became independent in 1975. People who left the country back then can now reach their families using Manifone western cheap phone calls. This service grants connection to the islands via Spain cheap calls, America cheap phone calls and other countries.
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