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Cameroon cheap phone calls
Cameroon cheap calls are very popular. With more than 250 ethnic groups, Cameroon has one of the most diverse populations in Africa. Cameroon has one of the highest school attendance rates in Africa. There are around 250 ethnic groups inhabiting the country, and they are into five larger groups. The largest ethnic groups are Cameroon Highlanders 31%, Equatorial Bantu 19%, Kirdi 11%, Fulani 10%, Northwestern Bantu 8%, Eastern Nigritic 7%, other African 13% and non-African less than 1%. There are 24 major African language groups in Cameroon, with English and French are official languages. About 20,000 non-Africans, including more than 6,000 French and 2,400 U. S. citizens, reside in Cameroon. Families and friends often call Cameroon to stay in touch with their loved ones. Calling abroad is often very expensive and international rates of the major operators are very high. With the advancement of the technology, small companies like Manifone started emerging to help people who regularly place calls abroad, make significant savings on their phone bills. People don't need to spend fortunes anymore to place a Cameroon phone call. Manifone even lets its customers keep their dialing habits and make huge savings at the same time.
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