Do you often place calls to Ecuador from Europe or US?

As low as 10.6 cts per minute!

Do you often place calls to Ecuador from Europe or US? : Take advantage of Manifone's low international rates to place your calls to Ecuador from any phone device you have.

in less than 3 minutes.
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Do you often place calls to Ecuador from Europe or US?
Ecuador is a South American republic which was part of the Spanish colonial empire. The country gained it's independence from Spain in 1830. Spanish is spoken by the majority of the population. Some groups also speak Amerindian languages. A small percentage of Ecuador's population uses only Amerindian languages. Ecuador has a population of 15 million people. The country is ethnically diverse. About 10 percent of the population has European origins, 25% belong to indigenous groups, and the rest is made up mostly of mixed ethnicity. Ecuadorian expatriates are scattered in more than sixty foreign countries. It is estimated that 11% of Ecuador's population lives outside their home country. Largest groups can be found in Spain and USA, but there are also Ecuadorians who settled in Italy, the Netherlands, France and Canada. When they wish to get in touch with their home country, they use a service like Manifone to call Ecuador destinations at the cheapest international rates. You can also take advantage of Manifone's cheap calls abroad if you dial international numbers frequently. You just need a registered account and a phone device to start placing cheaper calls to Colombia or calls to Bolivia. You can also call France or call Italy at national rates.
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