Want to place calls to Bolivia more often? Try Manifone.

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Want to place calls to Bolivia more often? Try Manifone. : Manifone offers expats the cheapest way for placing international calls to Bolivia and connect with their relatives back home. It is cheap easy to use, with excellent voice quality.

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Want to place calls to Bolivia more often? Try Manifone.
Bolivia is a highly multi-ethnic country with over 30 indigenous groups. It's population is made up of indigenous people in 55%, mestizo in 30%, and European in 15%. The official languages are the Spanish, the Aymara, the Quechua and 34 other indigenous languages. The most commonly spoken is Spanish. There is no official state religion. Alongside with Roman Catholics, there are significant groups of Protestants and followers of the traditional Inca religion. Bolivia has the largest percentage of Baha'i believers of all mainland countries. About ten million people inhabit Bolivia, while over two million Bolivians live in foreign countries. Manifone offers them the cheapest way to call Bolivia and connect with their relatives back home. Many Bolivian expats are residents of the United States, together with Bolivians living in Spain, their number exceeds half million. Calls to Spain and other parts of Europe can be much cheaper by subscribing to a service like Manifone. Expats often call home from abroad, and it is important that they can call Haiti, call Bangladesh or call Rwanda at the lowest rates possible. That is why Manifone developed the Direct Number service: it is cheap easy to use, it has no hidden costs and the voice quality is more than satisfying.
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