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Call Switzerland at low Manifone rates : Around 22% of Switzerland's population are residents from foreign countries and part-time foreign workers. To call Switzerland, people use alternative services for lower rates.

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Call Switzerland at low Manifone rates
The Swiss Confederation (latin Confoederatio Helvetica) is a republic in Western Europe. Switzerland is the symbol of neutrality and the birthplace of the Red Cross international humanitarian movement. Switzerland frequently participates in worldwide peacekeeping actions. The country is ranked among the strongest economies in the world, with one of the highest income rates and excellent healthcare system. Around 22% of Switzerland's population are residents from foreign countries and part-time foreign workers. Their relatives abroad often place Switzerland cheap calls to reach them abroad. Cheap Switzerland calls are accessible from nearly all European countries. The 86% majority of foreigners come from other parts of Europe. The largest groups are Italians, followed by Germans and immigrants from former states of Yugoslavia. Traditional methods of Switzerland call are too expensive, while calling cards are many times unreliable. Manifone offers cheap calls to Switzerland from Italy, Germany etc., with good voice quality and reliable connection. You only need a Manifone account and a mobile or fixed line phone to place a Switzerland phone call at low rates. You can reach any country using Manifone's phone call service.
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