It is possible to call Rwanda at local rates

As low as 25 cts per minute!

It is possible to call Rwanda at local rates : To connect with their home country, people often place cheap phone calls. Manifone offers cheap rates to call Rwanda and other African countries.

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It is possible to call Rwanda at local rates
Rwanda is located in central and eastern Africa. It lies a few degrees south of the Equator, surrounded by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the DRC. Rwanda was a German colony from 1884, until Belgium invaded during World War I. Independency was proclaimed in 1962, but civil war strifed in 1990, followed by the 1994 Genocide. The country is slowly recovering since, with a growing economy and an increasing interest in tourism sector. Around 11,055,976 people inhabit the Republic of Rwanda. The population is mainly rural. Few larger towns host the urban population. Rwandans share a common language and culture. Political conflicts among Hutus and Tutsis have forced many Tutsis to leave their home. Some of them were repatriated. Rwanda also hosted many refugees from other Sub-Saharan countries. To connect with their home country, people often place cheap phone calls using an alternative service. Manifone offers cheap rates to call Togo, call Ghana and other African countries. People can use their mobile phone to call Congo-Brazzaville or place Gabon cheap calls to reach their friends and relatives. Many people who move abroad rely on cheap calling solutions to place Africa cheap calls and connect with their home country.
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