Call Nigeria from your mobile or fixed-line phone

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Call Nigeria from your mobile or fixed-line phone : If you have friends and family in Nigeria, call them more frequently with Manifone's cheap calling service. You can call Nigeria from any phone you own.

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Call Nigeria from your mobile or fixed-line phone
The land of the present-day Nigeria has been inhabited at least since 9000 BCE. Several great empires flourished in this area, among them was the Kanem-Borno in the north, who made wealth of the trans-Saharan trades; the Ijebu Kingdom, which formed in the 15th century, was one of the most developed kingdoms in the region with a highly organized government. The oldest kingdom in Nigeria is the Kingdom of Nri that ruled from the 10th to the early 20th century, until it lost its influence under the British colonization. Britain’s colonial rule lasted for almost sixty years. In 1960, along with other African colonies, Nigeria was granted its independence. Soon after, the growing political and cultural tensions between the dominant ethnicities and a number of military coups resulted in the Nigerian Civil War. Many Nigerians left the country during the periods of unrest. Today, millions live and work in foreign countries, mainly in the UK and the US. If you have friends and family in Nigeria, call them more frequently with a cheap calling service. Manifone’s solution for Nigeria cheap phone calls is easy to use and doesn’t require any additional software or hardware. You can place calls to Nigeria, calls to Ghana or other Africa phone call from any phone you own. Test the service with a free Nigeria phone call.
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